Assistance in obtaining registration in Berlin and in other parts of Germany.
Business services.
Registration in Germany, assistance in starting a business in Germany, internet business promoting, opening a bank account in Germany, opening a mailbox in Germany, arranging health insurance. Consulting on moving to Europe.

About us
Our experience is your result guarantor!
Our company provides services of the legal registration in Germany, of registration of a German company and many other services as well.

We help to get the opportunity to live and work in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany in a legal way.

Additional services
- A current bank account opening in Germany
- Opening a business bank account for opening a company in Germany
- Business promotion in the Internet
- Mail forwarding to any address in Germany
- A personal mailbox opening in Germany
- Medical insurance registration in Germany
- Registration in Germany
Why us?
In our business field there is a large number of companies and people who promise quick results, but in fact it is long and expensive.

We do not promise, but we do it quickly and cheaper than others.
30 years of experience in preparing documents for emigrants to Germany.
The registration procedure takes only 10 minutes., for example. You contact us, we take confirmation of registration from the owner of one of the apartments and next day we provide you with the queue number at the Bürgeramt and the necessary completed forms along with the confirmation of registration from the owner of the property.
Our services fees are up to 50% lower than those of our competitors. We also make a discount on paperwork in Germany for families and separately for children
There are a lot of unscrupulous performers in our business area. From our side we give a guarantee for services, a registration, for example. If you are discharged for some reason we will register you for free at a new address within 1 day!
Once again experience
Over 30 years of experience in processing official documents in Germany, we have helped over 10,000 people to work and live in Europe.
Range of services
We can make for you any legal documents for work and life in Germany

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